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Ever since we watched our first birth video we knew we wanted to film one someday. When we got the call from The Smith Family about filming the birth of their daughter Piper I could already feel my heart racing.

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My wife, Amanda, and I are expecting our first born in about 30 days so we have been watching plenty of baby related videos. The thought of experiencing the birth of another baby was something I was really looking forward to.

About a week out from Piper's birth we got the call from Tiffany and her husband Taylor. Tiffany explained that she didn't remember a ton about the birth of her first child due to the medications associated with a c-section and didn't want the same effect on her second birth. She wanted to be able capture all of the emotion which goes along with meeting your baby for the first time.

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The Smith family had planned an 8:30 am c-section at Grand Strand Medical Center. When my alarm went off Friday morning I was already excited for what the day held.

I arrived in the delivery room and met with Tiffany and Taylor to discuss our expectations for the day. Tiffany was already being prepared for the upcoming surgery and was as calm as a cucumber. Taylor and I had some great conversations about fatherhood and the preparation for his new baby girl. Thanks for all the great new Dad advice.

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Before we knew it they were taking Tiffany to the operating room and we were minutes away from the arrival of Piper! As they took Tiffany away, Taylor got dressed in his scrubs. The anticipation was heavy in the air.

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Within minutes I could hear a baby crying from the room next door as Piper was taking her first breaths, and seconds later she was being wheeled back into the room by Dad! It all happened so fast...her eyes started to open, her color was changing, and she was already holding Dads hand.

The great medical staff started doing all of the necessary tests and it was quickly determined that we had a perfect baby girl!

The rest of the day included beautiful bonding time with family (including their awesome son Rivers). Thank you so much for allowing me to capture the arrival of Piper! It was something I will never forget!

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