Richard & Donna | Surfside Beach Wedding

When Donna first contacted us, she stressed that her two main wants for her wedding was a videographer and a photo-booth. Being the videographers, I knew that Chris and I had to make the best film for her to remember her big day. We were both excited about filming a beach wedding in Surfside Beach, SC. We had optimal conditions for some amazing sunset walking shots on the beach. With their family traveling to Surfside Beach from Michigan, we knew that a beach wedding was a dream for them.

One of my favorite parts was the number of speeches given at this wedding. Everyone attending seemed to have something wonderful to say about Donna and Richard. It really showed how big of a role family plays in their life. Through every part of the day, family was put on the forefront.

Richard and Donna met at a courthouse where they both worked. Richard saw Donna from afar and thought for sure that she was married to a pro football player until he saw runs in her hosiery. Once he saw the runs, he knew that she was a down to earth girl. Richard would go to some of his friends before they even met and tell them "Boy, I saw her." When he saw her, he knew she was "the one."

"Everybody asks me if I'm nervous. Honestly, I'm not nervous at all because I actually love her," states Richard, "I've never cared for one the way I care for this one and she's going to be my wife."

Surfside Beach Wedding

"So going through life together, I was introduced to this man named Richard. She (Donna) was like 'Girl, oh girl, he is like girl.' I was like girl, what's his name? She (Donna) was like, 'Richard,'" states a friend during one of her speeches.

Donna's sister states that "Donna is not just another woman. She is my sister and I know this for a fact that she is the one that would give the shirt off her back, she'll give her last dollar... This is my sister, she is not average. Richard knows she's not average and this is why he is marrying my sister.

Surfside Beach Wedding Video

It was truly an honor to put this film together for this amazing couple. Thank you so much for including us in your special day! We, at Four Pedal Films, wish you many years of happiness. Congratulations to Richard and Donna Lyons.