Matt & Melissa | Wachesaw Plantation Wedding

Matt and Melissa were faced with a challenge of changing their wedding date due to Hurricane Florence. They had to not only push back their date but they also had to change their venue. When Chris and I pulled into Wachesaw Plantation, we drove under beautiful mossy oaks that led up to the reception hall. Hurricane Florence hit a couple of weeks earlier and you could see it with the swelling of the Waccamaw River. The river overtook some of the greens on the golf course. In the end, this wedding turned out absolutely beautiful. This wedding venue was a great choice.

My favorite part was the Mister Softee Ice Cream truck that made an appearance during the reception. Matt and Melissa let it be a surprise for their guest. The look on the kid's faces that were attending the wedding were priceless! In fact, some of the adults had that same face. The classic saying of "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" came to my mind when the truck pulled up.

Matt, the groom, could not keep his composure when asked about Melissa. "18 years ago we met through mutual friends. Her friend was looking for my best friend at the time and me and Melissa struck up a friendship. 17 years later 4 years (together), I'm marrying my best friend," Matt said through slight sobs. "It's been nothing but good times. Arguably all the best time of my life have been with her."

Wachesaw Plantation Richmond Hill Wedding

The wedding officiant gave Matt and Melissa great advice. "When frustration and difficulties arise in your marriage, as they do in every relationship from one time to another, always focus on what still seems right to you. This way when the clouds of trouble... or hurricanes or floods..., hide the sun in your lives, and you lose sight of it for a moment, you can remember that the sun is still there." Everyone had to giggle a little when she mentioned about the hurricane and floods. Since they were still able to find their way together at the end of the aisle to say "I DO!"

Wachesaw Plantation Richmond Hill Wedding

Their first dance was one to remember. It looked like they were dancing on the clouds with the fog machine that was used. This was the perfect way to showcase their love to their family and friends. Tears were being shed when the father-daughter and mother-son dance took place. You could feel the love coming together with the two families. They all felt like one large family.

Wachesaw Plantation Richmond Hill Wedding

Wachesaw Plantation is filled with history. Matt and Melissa took us to film them at what is known as Richmond Hill. This, today, is a row of large mossy oaks that used to be the main road to the main house of the old rice plantation that used to stand at the end of the mossy oaks.

Wachesaw Plantation Wedding

Wachesaw Plantation Club was the perfect place for Matt & Melissa to start the next chapter in their love story. Thank you for making us feel like family, and to the wonderful vendors who made the day amazing!