Josh & Carlita | Myrtle Beach Wedding

When Chris and I pulled up to the private residence for Josh and Carlita's wedding we were in awe. The home sits right on the waterway with an amazing sight of the sunset coloring the sky. Little did we know what was hidden within the residence once we sent the drone up. The backyard pool with three different levels that drains into the one below, waterway access, and a beach to lay out on when the waterway tide is out. This was a beautiful home to be married in. 

My favorite part was the family feel with their little girl being apart of the wedding. Another part was the entrances for the reception. The two that really come to mind is when the groomsman picked up one of the bridesmaids and jumped into the pool. Everyones faces, including mind, was pure shock!

Pastor Jeff shared a few things that Josh and Carlita said about one another. When Pastor Jeff asked Carlita about Josh she said, "What I love most about Josh is his heart and the unconditional love that flows from it. I believe that Josh is God's gift to me because I feel safe, and loved, and worthy, and  beautiful in his arms." 

Myrtle Beach Wedding

Pastor Jeff also shared a few things that Josh said of Carlita, "The thing I love most about Carle love for life and compassionate heart. The fact that she is always willing to put others before herself. I believe that Carle is God's gift to me because she challenges me to be a better man."

Myrtle Beach Wedding

Josh's dad commented on how there was a "new spark in Josh's eyes when he met Carle in 2011. They became inseparable and she instantly became part of the family."

All of the speeches put together were about how reliable Josh and Carle both are. One speech mentioned how Carle and London will never have to worry about being taken care of, being loved, being pursued because Josh will always give them everything he has. 

Myrtle Beach Wedding

It was an honor being apart of Josh and Carlita's big day. Seeing the love from family and friends coming together was a great feeling. We hope and pray for many years of a happy marriage. Congratulations Josh and Carlita Rivers. 


Videographer: Four Pedal Films

Photographer: Brooke Christl Photography

Venue: Private Residence

Caterer: Damon’s Grill

DJ: Ro Ramero & Rainee Kite (R&R Dance)

Cake: Butter and Whisk

Make up: Christina Weeks

Jewelry: Ash Hoffman Jewelry